DIY: Dorm on a Dime


As college students, money can be tight. Especially once you realize you’ve spent most of your money during the fall semester. Unless you’re the next “Wolf of Wall Street”, chances are that you’re on that ‘College Budget’ of trying to save a few extra bucks here and there, accepting freebies, and buying things on sale. Dorm decor may be the last thing you think of when comprising this budget. However, with a few tricks and tips, you can revamp your room without breaking the bank! Here are a few ways to spruce up your dorm decor on a dime:


Not only are these easy to make, they are also versatile! You can use them as a vase for flowers, a cup for pens, and even a place to stash some left of cash for a rainy day! They are cheap, fun, and you can customize them to go with any color theme.


For a more organized and innovative way to display pictures, a clothespin frame is the perfect addition to any room! Garage sales are great places to find frames. You can use wire or ribbon to attach the pictures to. I personally ordered prints of my Instagram pictures online. Any website will do but I used Once put together, it provides a nice wall display and clean, put together way to present pictures!


No dorm lighting is every adequate enough. I am a big believer that adding more light to a room is a great way to change it’s mood and decor. Most people bring Christmas lights as a way of adding light. This DIY transforms the lights using ping pong balls and spray paint. It adds a unique and personal touch to any room!

Happy Decorating Trimzies!


Ty Ty

Tyler O'Keefe