DIY Yoga Mat Cleansing Spray

Channel your inner yogi with this eco (and cheap-o!) yoga mat spray. With a few ingredients you likely have lying around the house, you can quickly whip up a bottle of this mat cleanser. You’ll be the envy of your yoga class!

Be sure to stash some extra ingredients; these make great gifts for the meditative mates in your life. The spray can also be used as a room deodorizer, general disinfectant, aromatherapy, and foot mist for those days when you spend a bit too long saluting the sun.

What You'll Need:

spray bottle (size is based on preference; I like the tiny ones to throw in my gym bag!)


distilled water

white vinegar

lavender essential oil

tea tree essential oil


What You'll Do:

Fill Your Bottle.jpg


1. Fill your bottle ¾ full with distilled water.

2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar to the spray bottle.

3. Add 25-30 drops of both the lavender and tea tree oil. (Note: you can play around with this and find a combination that works for you! For my itty bitty bottle, this amount worked wonders.)

4. Shake, shake, shake...and spray away!


Stay flexible, friends!

Jenna Murphy

Instagram: jennameowphy