Weekly Wears: March 3rd


Hello lovely readers, Welcome to the second edition of "Weekly Wears". I hope you found last week's post helpful, as well as enjoyed the warm weather this past week. Unfortunately, mother nature isn't going to be so generous this upcoming week. While we won't be digging our eskimo coats out of the closet again, we will need something a little warmer than last week. This week's forecast is calling for mild temperatures in the 40's and a little rain here and there. This means that Trim is forecasting leather pants, and stockings or tights. Yes you heard me right.

Leather pants are the perfect choice of bottoms for this week. While it's not freezing cold out, it isn't quite warm enough to start prancing around in spring dresses. Leather pants are just thick enough to keep you warm, while adding edge touch to your outfit. You can even find (faux) leather leggings for even cheaper. I would recommend these instead of the normal pant because they are more flexible, and let's face it; every outfit is better with a pair of leggings.


These pants are also very easy to pair with any outfit. As shown above, you can grab a band t-shirt and dress it up with some cute booties, or add some color by pairing your leather bottoms with a floral blazer or floral peplum shirt.

Our other choice of bottoms for the week are stockings or tights paired with shorts. This is a new trend that seems to be taking over the streets of NYC and many other cities around the world. Like we said earlier, it's not warm enough to jump into your favorite pair of shorts and sandals, however you can recycle your shorts and use them in the winter weather. Take a pair of high waisted, or longer shorts and pair them with a pair of black tights and boots. This will give you a layered look, while keeping you warm, and stylish all at the same time.


Another thing to remember as mid-terms are quickly approaching this week, dressing better always makes you feel better. So, if you're super stressed out or sleep deprived during these next few weeks, take the time to pick out a cute outfit, you'll be feeling confident and ready to take on the day. Good luck, stay warm, and look cute!

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