Hump Day: March 6th


Hey Trim lovers! For those of you in the Jersey area, I'm sure you're all used to the crazy weather that we experience, especially around this time of year. Well, this weekend will not be any different. Just because the weather can't seem to make up its mind, doesn't mean we have to spend hours staring at our closet, picking out an outfit.

This weekend, our focus is on the shoes. Although it's going to lighten up on Saturday, it's going to be pretty wet out there for the most part. Your best bet for an outfit this weekend involves wearing platform, ankle-boots. You may have the cutest outfit on the block, but let's face it, you're not going to be looking so hot with a pair of wet feet and water stains on your shoes.

Spring time is creeping up slowly but surely, but we can't jump into our sandals just yet. In general, anything with a heel is going to give you a lift off the wet ground, but why stop at a little ol' heel when you spice up your outfits with a pair of Jeffery Campbell knockoffs?


The great thing about these sorts of boots is you can pair it with the layering suggestions we had earlier this week, like a pair of stockings with shorts or a skirt would look great with these boots!

So for this weekend, try to stick with a pair of skinny jeans or leather leggings and wear them with the boots and a cute sleeveless top if you're feeling a bit on the spring side. This way you can keep your feet high and dry while remaining cool in those crowded bars, all while looking absolutely stunning.

We hope this helps! Visit us weekly for Weekly Wears and Hump Day posts. Enjoy your weekend, Trim lovers!

(All photos were taken from tumblr)