Weekly Wears: March 10th


Good morning readers, I apologize for the late post this week. As you can tell mid terms are getting to all of us. Thank God that Spring Break is quickly approaching. Even though it's called 'spring' break, I'm not too sure if Mother Nature is aware that we expect spring time weather. This week we'll be starting out warm and full of sunshine, but as the week progresses the temperatures are expected to drop, with some rain here and there.

Because of this in-between seasons weather, our pick is a jean jacket! Jean jackets can go with almost any outfit, and are just heavy enough to keep you warm in these fluctuating temperatures.


This first look is very casual. For those of you still holding onto your winter leggings, this look is perfect for you. The scarf also adds some more layers, keeping you warm in the early mornings and late nights of this stressful week.


This next look is a little more dressed up, incorporating colored pants and booted heels. The jacket perfectly compliments the printed shirt and makes the whole outfit a little more cohesive.


If your spring clothes are dying to jump out of your closet, you can easily pair a nice maxi dress with a jean jacket. This outfit is still warm enough to wear right now and will look super cute walking down any street on campus.


Lastly, and my personal favorite, is the studded jean jacket. This jacket ads a little edge to any outfit. It can also dress up any plain basics.

I know these days keep getting longer and longer as break gets closer, but keep pushing on and stay stylish!

(All pictures taken from Pinterest.com, follow us!)