Weekly Wears: March 24th


Welcome back readers, I hope you all enjoyed your spring break. I'm sure most of you spent the chilly days walking around a mall, shopping for spring clothes in hopes that the temperatures would start to rise soon. Well, have you ever heard the expression "it has to get worse before it gets better?" For those of you buying floral hairbands and cute sunglasses, you're going to have to tough out one more snow storm before spring finally decides to arrive.

This week, in light of the mini blizzard heading our way, we've picked out some cute accessories you can wear while anticipating spring accessories.


Try a beanie on the crown of your head. While this doesn't do much for you hair, it will keep you looking cute as the snow ruins your straight locks or starts to makes your curls frizz. If you place the hat correctly at the very tip of your head, it will stop you from getting complete hat hair. 

Another way to keep warm and stylish during this last stint of winter weather is a knitted head band. While this piece does not go in your hair like a normal head band, it accents your hair, adding a pop of color, and keeping your ears warm. Again, you want to place the band around the lining of your head so that it does not mess up your hair too badly.

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Hopefully spring will decide to stick its' landing and stay for good after this storm. As for us students, we only have 6 weeks left so keep pushing through, summer is right around the corner!

(All pictures taken from Pinterest.com)