Hump Day: April 24th


Hey dolls! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful hump day, couldn't have asked for better weather! As the week is coming to a close, I'm sure we're all looking forward to the sunny weekend that is ahead of us. With all the work that has been crammed into our schedule due to the semester's end rapidly approaching, we could use a nice break and a night out!

Considering that this will be the last weekend of April, I know our pedicure game is up there--or at least I hope so! This week's post is all about the body part that probably takes the worst beating due to our busy schedules, our feet! It's the perfect weekend to dress them up since we won't be seeing a glimpse of rain.

There are a ton of different ways to rock your heels, whether it is a wedge, pump, peep-toe, whichevergoes better with your outfit!

All the stores are stocked with the cutest Spring colors that can be the perfect match for your outfit--


If you need a sleeker look for a different sort of occasion, you can use neutral colors on a shoe that also have a peep toe!


Try a super fun wedge for the weekend that will have heads turning out of jealousy--

It would be impossible to NOT strut your stuff once these bad-boys are strapped on--


Even if you have an interview or professional sort of event on the agenda for the weekend, this type of heel is perfectly appropriate for business professionals and Spring!

But before you go out there rocking your cutest pair of heels, make sure to hit the salon for some pampering and a pedicure so you can feel as confident as ever!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and enjoys the weather! 'Til next week, dolls xoxo

(all photos were taken from tumblr and pinterest)