Hump Day: May 1st

Hey there studious Scarlets! I am extremely happy to say that this may be the first post that is going to deal with lovely temperatures this weekend! As opposed to every other weekend that is dedicated to trying to keep ourselves warm while maintaining that Springy feeling, this weekend we can actually break out our new high-waisted shorts and crop tops. YAY!

Considering this may be the last weekend we get to get a little wild before we hit the books for a week straight, you may as well go out with a bang in your newest Urban BDG‘s that fit everyone like a glove. Although we are going to experience sun for most of the weekend, you still may get a little chilly walking home after those bar after hours. So this weekend we suggested that you either show off those lady long legs with a flattering pair of shorts or a skirt OR those fabulous arms that you have been trying to maintain ever since Spring Break. Make sure to not show off both or else be prepared to turn into a little Scarlet snowwoman.

As for the legs, either shorts or skirts can work. My personal favorite shorts all happen to be high-waisted because they extenuate the waist to make it look as tiny as ever all while giving you some booty.

I suggest wearing them with a light, long-sleeve top so you’re not completely shivering.


You can also dress this look up with a pair of sequin shorts that we mentioned earlier this week! Add a sharp lookin’ blazer that makes you feel confident along with the right accessories and you’re good to go!


--I would pair this skirt with a light, flowy top instead of a sweater.

For a day time look, you can also wear shorts with a cas’ top to soften it up--


For those of you that don’t feel tan enough to strut your shorts yet, don’t you worry because you can look just as cute with all those new sleeveless crop tops that have been piling up since March! (I’m guilty of this too).

Since it probably isn’t in your best interest to wear that top with shorts for weather-related reasons, you can substitute the shorts with your best pants or a cute maxi skirt!


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and happy Cinco De Mayo! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, ladies. xoxo