Hump Day: July 3rd


Hello lovlies!! My apologies for slacking on the past couple of Hump Day posts, but now we're back and just in time for one the most highly anticipated weekends of the summer! That's right, I'm talking about 4th of July weekend. It is a given that this weekend is a time for your cutest outfits and bathing suits that you plan on romping around in on the beach. The trend that sets in on this holiday is of course the American flag print that shows up on almost every type of clothing. We're going to show you cute clothing essentials for this weekend that show your patriotism without giving the notion that you should be flying high on top of a flag pole.

Everyone loves to rock the American flag print whether it is on a bathing suit, a pair of high waisted shorts, or a cropped top. Whichever way your heart desires to wear it, you're going to look cute. However, it is important not to overdo it, unless you want to come off as a walking national anthem.

I would suggest limiting one article of clothing to the national holiday because you will be dressed appropriately for the occasion and still look great.

Here are an assortment of different articles of clothing that you can choose from, but remember only one!


You cannot go wrong with looks like these! You will look absolutely great and super festive and what's better than that? :)

Remember don't overdo it, unless that is the sort of thing you're going for.

We hope everyone has an amazing and safe holiday! xoxo 'Til next Wednesday, dolls.

(all photos taken from tumblr and pinterest)