Jimmy Kimmel humors Fashion Week


Jimmy Kimmel added a little humor to Fashion Week when he pulled the prank of a lifetime right on the very steps on Lincoln Center. A few days after the culmination of the week, Kimmel posted this “lie witness news” segment. In the clip he sends a camera crew to interview bloggers after fashion shows and ask them to talk about designers and trends that were actually created by Kimmel himself for the sake of the prank. Watch the hilarity ensue.  


As you can see, most people acted like they knew what the interviewer was talking about and gave their opinions. Maybe they didn’t want to sound dumb (although unfortunately that’s exactly what happened), or maybe they legitimately got confused with other designs or fads they’ve seen. As we all know, high fashion can be very out-there, and it would not be entirely out of the question for a designer to put a watermelon or some other fruit on a model’s head.


Back on planet earth, we bloggers like to think of ourselves as the fashion writers of today. If the uniboot is the newest trend, we’re talking about it. Blogging is an accessible way for everyday fashion enthusiasts to get in the know and give their opinions. Join the conversation with us here at Trim :)


Kaitlin Rogers

Instagram: kaityrog

Twitter: kaityrog

P.S. I’d really like to try out that uniboot.