Top 5 Lip Colors for Fall 2014

Fall is my absolute favorite season for lipsticks and lip colors because it allows so much versatility, and the colors that are trendy go from the darkest end of the spectrum to the lightest, with so many options in between. I definitely tend to gravitate towards the darker colors and nudes when it comes to fall colors, though. These are my top five picks for this autumn, enjoy!

(Swatches top-to-bottom in order that they appear in article)


1. Rebel, Mac

    When the weather starts to take a turn for the colder side, I rejoice for two reasons: Christmas is approaching, and I can bring Mac’s Rebel lipstick back into my life. Rebel is the perfect plum color that definitely stands out, but is still totally wearable for school, work, and going out.


2. Shameless, Revlon

    I was a little scared when I first bought this lip crayon. I couldn’t get over how dark it was, and how purple it was. I rarely step out of my makeup comfort zone, and I had thought Rebel was already out of that zone, so this was a bold choice for me. I wound up absolutely loving this color for last fall and winter time, especially with a white sweater and black jeans to give my outfit a pop of color. Trust me, don’t fear how dark and purple and seemingly bizarre this lip crayon is, just go for it.


3. Diva, Mac

I don’t know how I’ve made it through so many falls without Diva, but I’m so glad to have it in my life for this one. This deep, burgundy red is the queen of all red lipstick shades, of all red lipsticks, anywhere. It works well with so many different skin tones, and I just can’t rave enough about this lipstick. I take any opportunity I get to recommend it to people, so what are you waiting for? Go! run! You need this lipstick in your life.


4. Syrup, Mac

I’d apologize for the abundance of Mac lipsticks in this post, but they truly have the best selection of colors for, well, any time of year, but especially for the colder months. Syrup is the perfect taupey, nude color for the fall if you don’t feel like going as bold as Rebel or Diva, but still want some color.


5. Amsterdam, NYX

Let me start by saying the color selection of NYX soft matte lipcreams are vast, it’s inexpensive, and it’s not too drying for a matte lip color. Amsterdam is the ideal bright red lip color, and the fact that it’s matte draws away from the brightness of the color and makes it less intense and more wearable for everyday. The color is also long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about reapplying it constantly throughout the day.

Keep it colorful,

Danielle Amato

instagram: danielleamato