Pizza Perfection

DSC01777 (2)

My oh my has it been some time since I've graced Trimzine with my presence (I'm so modest, right?). So some time ago we worked with one of our wonderful food editors, Jake, who thought correctly that it would be a fantastic idea to shoot him cooking an array of  different types of pizzas. We essentially spent the entirety of the day at my apartment, munching on his delicious concoctions. Here's just one of the many that he made. Yes, be jealous.

Of course, we did a fair share of eating as well:

And here we have our team arduously toiling away, trying to get this magazine up and running! Here's a shot of Lauren shooting; I hate using the word meta but this is arguably very meta, isn't it? Hurrah for my useless English degree.

Anywho, you can see all of this in our spring issue (see that big picture of our magazine cover on the top of our site? Yeah, go click that) that just came out! Jeez I'm so excited.