Alton Brown Live! The Edible Inevitable Tour

Saturday night I got to see Alton Brown on Broadway and what a spectacle it was! A show that begins with a sequence of farting and burping yeast sock puppets is sure to be interesting, and with Food Network Star Alton Brown, I should have expected nothing less. Nothing is too odd for this crazy-scientist chef!

 From Good Eats – his quirky cooking show – to the intense Cutthroat Kitchen competition he currently hosts, Alton has acquired quite a crowd of adoring fans. It’s no surprise when you realize how down-to-earth and real he is. He is not only a fantastic cook, but he’s your nerdy best friend that no matter how weird he gets, you can’t live without him.

 After the yeast were finished gassing up the place, Alton himself ran out to center stage amidst a roaring crowd and, to everyone’s delight, said this show was an opportunity to do everything he can’t (or doesn’t) do on TV.

That sure proved true. The first thing he did was reveal his musical talents with quite a selection of genres. In his rap number he donned a blinged-out donut necklace and poked fun at TV chefs with fellow Food Network star Justin Warner. The country tune, naturally about love and loss, recounted a tale of a food poisoning. The sweet ditty he wrote for his young daughter to teach her about the rules of cooking featured knowledge and humor mashed together.  

               Alton also shared the five things that knows to be true about cooking and shared stories to prove each one. They are:

1. Chickens don’t have fingers

2. Trout don’t belong in ice cream

3. Don’t leave out the NaCl

4. Raisins are always optional (“there is no food I know that calls for raisins that wouldn’t be better with chocolate chips.”)

5. Never eat shrimp cocktail at an airport

Then, the mad scientist side of him emerged. With the help of an audience member, Alton created “jet cream”: carbonated ice cream made in 10 seconds from a homemade contraption of water jugs and fire extinguishers.

Alton scooped the frozen chocolate dessert out with his bare hands, put a huge blob of it on a cone, and threw some rainbow sprinkles on it for his helper to taste. Of course, it was delicious.

Pizza naturally follows ice cream so with another helper, Alton made two pepperoni pies in a gigantic Easy Bake oven called the “Mega Bake.” After singing about wanting an Easy Bake as a kid but being rejected because his parents told him they were for girls, Alton sure proved them wrong. He unveiled the Mega Bake and cooked fantastically cheesy pizzas in only 4 minutes! I could even smell them from the back of the theatre!

The night was incredibly entertaining— it was the perfect mix of a little food, a bit of scientific experiments, and many, many laughs. He made so many hilariously clever references to fellow chefs and pop culture, each of them perfectly integrated into the show. During a Q&A time he answered questions from audience members who tweeted him. Someone asked why his cartoon logo has six fingers and he said it is a nod to Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.

Watching Alton on TV is awesome, but seeing him in person is even better. His wacky personality and witty remarks truly deserve to be set free in such a casual setting. It sure wasn’t your typical Broadway show, but I would absolutely go see him again. And, without a doubt, I would kill for a spot at his dinner table!