Trim Treats: Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes

With fall in full swing and exams left and right, everyone wants something sweet to get them through the many library sessions and the dropping temperatures, and chai tea latte cupcakes are the answer! This recipe is simple, quick, and produces a result that’s a little piece of heaven in a cupcake wrapper.

First, for the cupcakes, you’ll need:

1 box of french vanilla cake mix

1 ½ cups of water

⅓ cup of vegetable oil (I used canola oil with this batch)

1 package of instant chai tea latte mix or 3 tablespoons from a large container of chai tea latte mix


Then, for the frosting, you’ll need:

4 ounces of white chocolate baking bars, chopped up

⅓ cup of butter or margarine

4 cups of powdered sugar

¼ cup of milk

½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

Ground cinnamon

The first thing you’ll need to do is pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and fill your cupcake tin with cupcake wrappers. Next, combine all of the cupcake ingredients in a large bowl. You can use an electric mixer for this step to make it easier, if you have one, and mix it on low for 30 seconds and then a medium speed for 2 minutes.

Once the cupcake batter is lump free and smooth, spoon it into the cupcake tin evenly. The cupcakes will bake for around 18-23 minutes, and you’ll want to make sure they’re completely cooled off before you start frosting

As for the frosting, first you need to microwave the chopped white chocolate baking bars for about 30 seconds, or until they’re melted. Then, combine the melted chocolate with the butter and mix it together until smooth. Next, you’ll add the milk, vanilla, and powdered sugar, and stir all of the ingredients together.

Once the cupcakes are cool, frost them generously and sprinkle some of the ground cinnamon on top, and they’ll be ready to enjoy and share with friends!

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Stay sweet,

Danielle Amato

instagram: danielleamato