Caffe Bene Brings Culture to George Street

As warm summer breezes become cold chills, Caffe Bene remains a perfect place for a versatile sweet treat, savory meal or a calming cup of coffee. Caffe Bene brings culture to George Street with their Italian gelato, Liege waffles, French macarons, Korean bingsu and many other diverse treats. The café is only a short walk away from College Avenue or if you are lazy like me it’s also located right in front of the Patterson Street bus stop on the EE route. 


As you first walk into the café you are met with beautiful architectural restaurant design and an extremely friendly staff. Stickers of the giant bingsu will either surprise you or awaken your sweet tooth. Their menu is filled with such a large variety that it’s impossible to not find something you want to buy. For all of you busy college students their coffees will definitely interest you, but their teas and bubble teas are also a good pick up! 

However, if you are looking for something more than a quick buy-and-go their savory
sandwiches and giant desserts will keep you busy. My new personal favorite is their gigantic bingsu. A bingsu is an ice shaved dessert comprised of sweet ingredients, it comes in a variety of flavors, such as: red bean, green tea, coffee, mango, New York cheesecake, cookies and cream and much more. I suggest eating this treat with a friend! Their regular desserts are also a delectable treat. Their macarons are the bigger than average and have the perfect amount of sweetness compacted between its layers. Some macarons I had in the past were so filled with sugar that it took away from the overall dessert. Also they have dipped waffles! It’s such a simple concept, but I never had one until Caffe Bene. My friend had a lemon dipped waffle coated with coconut flakes

Caffe Bene is a perfect place for a date, friends to hang out or a place to study. It has a cozy atmosphere with simple, but diverse furniture to complement the mood. The chairs also are so comfortable, I wanted to steal one so bad. My favorite part of the café is the three different wifi stations, very important for any college student or anyone with a smartphone. 

Stay Rad,

Tracy Sun

Instagram: tracysunn