Pinterest to Real Life: Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is like official drink of the winter. The snowy season and warm, sweet chocolate drink complement each other perfectly. This season you can spice up your typical hot chocolate with some variations found on pinterest!




  1. The first one we made was an orange hot chocolate. When we took a sip, the orange was pretty strong and then transitioned into a nice dark chocolate flavor. It was rich and creamy, but not very sweet. The orange zest added a bit of a weird texture, although the aroma was nice so this recipe receives  2.5 stars out of 5.

2. The next one was called Aztec hot chocolate. The cinnamon smelled nice, but it wasn’t as creamy as the orange one. It was hard to taste the cayenne but it was definitely felt in our throats. Overall, the spices didn’t add much to the drink so it earned just 2 stars out of 5.

3. The third one was the peanut butter hot chocolate. Peanut butter and chocolate is a classic combination so we weren’t surprised that this one was a favorite. It was creamy and thick, very rich, and certainly tasted peanut butter-y. The peanut butter nor the chocolate overpowered one another and blended with each other smoothly. This recipe got 4.5 stars.

4. The fourth one we made was the caramel hot chocolate. The caramel cocoa was a sweet one. This recipe was probably the sweetest one out of the five so be prepared! It was beautifully smooth, but we couldn’t explicitly pick out the caramel flavor. But, since the texture was so on point, we give it 4 stars.

5. The last one was nutella hot chocolate. It seems anything with nutella is bound to taste great and this was no exception. Surprisingly, this variation had the most typical “hot chocolate with marshmallows” feel, but we could still tell it was nutella-flavored. Once again, it was nice and creamy and ended up earning 5 stars, our favorite of the bunch.

Tips and Notes:

-We made the cocoa in a small pot over the stove. Make sure to warm the milk or cream first and then add the chocolate pieces to be sure they melt completely and make the cocoa creamy, not grainy.

-When the recipe simply stated “milk” we used skim.

To pin it and get the recipes:

Happy sipping!

Kelsey Weidmann and Tracy Sun