DJ's Dessert Shop Makes Easton Avenue Sweet

Easton Avenue is filled with an array of restaurants ranging from pizza to high-end sushi, but now desserts have entered the scene. DJ’s Dessert Shop is a cute little shop located next to Stuff Yer Face & is the perfect place to go after a meal. The shop itself isn't the biggest, but it has a cozy and intimate feel that makes it the perfect destination for a rainy day.  

You might say, 'there are already tons of restaurants in the area that have desserts' but, my friends, these desserts are not your average after-dinner treat. The shop serves giant and warm crepes and waffles that can topped with multiple ingredients.

Out of other shops specializing in crepes in the Rutgers area, DJ's wins hands down. The employees serve right to your table and the food isn’t too hot or cold -- just right. One of my friends tasted their monkey bread crepe, and loved it! It’s basically a sugar-bomb though, so I suggest sharing this with your friends!

They also serve one of America’s favorite desserts -- fried oreos.  We all know that the dining halls serve fried oreos on occasion, but they are usually soaked in the oil for way too long and the fried coating is hard and tasteless. However, DJ’s are jam packed with warm fluffiness (aka happiness), and sometimes even bananas! I personally think that these are way better than the classic fried oreo, because the banana adds a creamy texture that contrasts well with the cookie.   

Overall the shop is perfect for a date or to satisfy any sweet tooth.  It definitely does not hurt a college student’s wallet, but I wouldn’t recommend going more than once a week-- I don’t want that freshmen 15. I went to DJ’s Dessert Shop for my birthday with a few of my friends and I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else!

Stay Rad,

instagram: tracysunn