Top 5 Cheeses You Need to Try Right Now

Up until pretty recently I was a casual fan of cheese, and never went out of my way to eat any type other than the standard faire of cheddar, american, and swiss. Now, my addiction to the wonder of cheese and the variety of flavors it can come in has spiraled out of control. So, today I come to you to share with you some of the best cheese flavors I’ve come across as my addiction continues to grow each day. Even if you’re not crazy about cheese, these are definitely some flavors that will make you crazy about it, and throwing in a bunch of these new varieties in a cheese platter at your next party will definitely have your guests thanking you!

1. Everything Bagel Cheese,  Cabot


2. Caramelized Onion Cheese, Trader Joe’s


3.) Bacon Cheddar Cheese, Trader Joe’s





4. Buffalo Wing Cheese, Yancey’s Fancy (which pairs super well with blue cheese in a cheese platter!)


5.) Bruschetta Jack Cheese, Sargento

All of these flavors are definitely worth trying at least once, and hopefully they inspire you to spice up a boring cheese platter at the next party you host!

Over and out,

Danielle Amato

instagram: danielleamato