Rutgers Overheard

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In the great tradition of “Overheard in…” a series of websites that take submissions from people around the great cities of America (the best, so far, are New York and Philly) highlighting some of the sweetest, strangest, funniest bits of conversation they hear in their day-to-day life.

With nearly 40,000 people flooding our giant campus each day, Rutgers was bound to offer just as large a variety of conversation: Here are some of the best we’ve heard around!


On the bus:

"My parents are so stupid. My mom and dad are sexting about the SI Swimsuit our GROUP CHAT."

"I haven't bought my dress for this weekend yet. I don't want it to show too much...but enough for him to want me back"

"My mullet is growing pretty long right now.. Like a john stamos look"

Brower Dining Hall:

"Do you really think he'd buy you a sex toy for valentines day?"

Lady on the bus:

"Fat sandwiches are worth clogging your arteries for!'

Two girls outside Scott Hall:

"She had the weirdest burial ritual, I couldn't believe he'd be down with that. I definitely wouldn't be down with that."

“I think I’m going to get the nickname Sparkle Pony started. I don’t know, I saw it once on Portlandia...I think it’s got real ‘sex symbol’ potential.”

What crazy or funny things have you heard around campus? Eavesdrop shamelessly and tweet your findings to @TrimMagazine! Who knows? Maybe your tweet will be featured in our next Rutgers Overheard post!



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