Hey, It's Okay... November

It’s November! Already. Isn’t that kind of wild? Well in this season of colorful trees, warm sweaters and perhaps some stress over studies or work, just take some time to breath and not beat yourself up. For the first time, for this month of November, we at TRIM would like to remind you...


Hey it’s okay…


To get overly excited that you can “layer up” for Fall, and not regret having to remove them later in the day because of the flukey weather


To be on your third cup of coffee before noon


To feel a small sense of child-like wonder and excitement when looking at the fall leaves and remembering jumping in them as a kid


To actually jump in them


To buy that extra pair of boots….because why not? You only have 25 anyway. #firstworldproblems


To plan on surviving the holidays the only way you know how: with wine.


To plan on surviving the holidays by being amused by your grandma surviving the holidays with wine


To be a little too overly excited for the holidays this early on (BUT YOU'RE SO EXCITED WEEEEEEEEE!!)


But to also be a little depressed that Halloween is over. (Halloween? wait what? when did that happen?)


To paint your nails to correspond with the season


To get more excited over a new season of your favorite show airing than going to that party you were invited to


To watch the show INSTEAD of going to the party


Actually, to binge watch the show all weekend


To drink hot chocolate like it’s your job


To put bailey’s irish cream in your hot chocolate #sorrynotsorry


To kiss a stranger….and tell


To not regret the kiss.


To spontaneously end up kissing a “friend” or on and off again “hook up”


To not regret that kiss either.


To play cupid for your friends and friends of friends (everyone deserves happiness!!)


To be nicknamed “the mediator” between you and your friends because you like to help them with their problems


But to sometimes say, “hey I can’t really fix all your problems”


To skip the gym to catch up on some zzzzzzz’s


To not do your laundry until your laundry bag is as big as you are (it happens)


To want to cry and curl in a ball when your alarm goes off on Monday morning


And to want to cry happy tears and frolic through the hills like Julie Andrews when you finish school or work on Friday


To ACTUALLY be addicted to a certain media website...and admit it. (Buzzfeed, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr...all day every day)


To be a book nerd. And proud. You actually just really like to read! So?


To be a video game nerd. And proud.


To sometimes just wanna cuddle on the couch all night with your S.O., pet, or best friends


To have a minor mental break-down over work, mid terms or finals (it’s allowed, let it out)


To go to and expensive store or area that you love and just window shop (Upper East side NY anyone? I did that last weekend. I had fun and didn’t spend a dime)


To actually be best friends with your sibling


To sometimes miss being home


To admit to yourself that you go home to see your pets and get a fresh home cooked meal


To still have giant celebrity crushes and have no shame


To go out for happy hour once a week with friends from work


To take a selfie (let’s all be real here, it’s not really that big of a deal)


To have always had one favorite band that is STILL your favorite band


To have a S.O. you absolutely adore and are super happy with


To have no S.O. and be a single, confident, amazing awesome human


To be obsessed with scarves. OBSESSED.


To sometimes feel sad for a whole day and have no idea why.


To buy yourself some pampering items every once in awhile to fix that sadness.


To hate some haters


To be someone’s hater


To realize that you can never please EVERYONE in the world…


And to realize HEY. THAT’S OKAY.


Happy November lovelies xx


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