Guide to a Perfect Day in Chelsea

 Looking to spend a day admiring great art and eating delicious food with your friends? Well Jesus must have been listening because your prayers have been answered! Look no further than the Chelsea District in New York City, which is packed full of galleries with artwork from all over the world! AND IT’S FREE.

    Chelsea is located between 34th and 14th Street on the west side of Manhattan. The best strategy is to start from 34th Street and work your way down.

Step 1 Get there:

Trains go to 34th Street Penn Station, while buses usually drop you off at 42nd Street Port Authority Bus Terminal. If you don’t feel like driving (or are afraid to) there a multiple train and bus options!

NJ TRASNIT: $13.75 each way (for bus or train)

SUBURBAN TRANSIT: $10.40 each way (bus only)*

*Half price tickets for Suburban Transit available to Rutgers students with a valid student ID at the Student Activity Center!

STEP 2 Gallery hopping time!

Many galleries display sample pieces of work in one of their windows by the current artist on exhibit.  From there you can just decide which exhibitions look the most interesting!

Some great current and upcoming exhibitions include the following:

“APOCHRYPAL TIMES” EXHIBITION 11 International artists exploring the role of their cultural heritage in the modern world (FRIEDMAN BENDA GALLERY-515 WEST 26TH STREET)

“TINKERING WITH REALITY” Robert C Jackson brings human life to mundane household objects and fruits in a series of whimsical and humorous paintings (GALLERY HENOCH-555 WEST 25TH STREET)

JOHAN FREEMAN AND JUSTIN LOWE  Loud, psychadellic, semi-jarring collaboration between the two artists (MARLBOROUGH CHELSEA GALLERY-545 west 25th STREET)

“PICASSO AND JACQUELINE: THE EVOLUTION OF STYLE The exhibition includes over 140 works by Picasso during the time in his life when he was with his final love and muse, Jacqueline (2 LOCATIONS: 32 EAST 57TH STREET, 534 WEST 25TH STREET) ****MUST SEE*****

ANDY WARHOL EXHIBITION Selected works by the great Andy Warhol (ANTON KERN GALLERY-532 West 20th St)


Walking around and admiring artwork can be a very draining process (sarcasm intended). There are tons of great places to grab a bite for lunch in Chelsea! Here a few popular spots:

CHELSEA MARKET  One of the most popular places in Chelsea to get something yummy. Chelsea market has a large and diverse selection of food to get for lunch. Plus there’s a pretty awesome thrift store that’s attached to the building (LOCATION: 75 9th Ave, between 15th and 16th Street)

GOTHAM WEST MARKET Although it’s a bit of a walk (i.e. take the subway), Gotham West Market has about 8 different restaurants with community picnic tables to eat your food at. Great to go to if you’re in the area and want to try something new (LOCATION: 600 11th Ave, between 45th and 44th Street)

CRONUTS A unique and delicious hybrid of croissant and donut sold at the Dominique Ansel Bakery; Cronuts have become so popular at the bakery that people will line up outside of the door an hour before the place opens, and you can even pre-order your Cronuts online! (LOCATION: 189 Spring St)

COOKSHOP Great restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The menu is comfort food with a modern twist. For sure worth checking out. Also they have delicious, and strong, drinks! (LOCATION: 156 10TH Ave, between 19th and 20th Street)

McDONALD’S If you’re feeling especially naughty


**A nice way to cut your street walking time in half is by walking on the New York City Highline. It’s an above ground repurposed train track that goes straight through Chelsea and is a great way to capture cityscape views of New York, while enjoying beautiful landscaping and installation art along the way**

STEP 5 Go home. Rest. And clap yourself on the back for a day well spent.


Make sure to take lots of pictures and post them on the internet so you’re friends can be jealous of how cultured and fabulous you are! Or just take a few because it could drain your battery pretty quickly.

Article by: Justin Swanson