That Time I... Went to London

 After spending the past six weeks in London I think it has finally (maybe) hit me that I’m actually here. The months leading up to my semester abroad I constantly heard myself telling others about my September departure but the whole thing seemed surreal, and to be honest, it is a concept that still seems unreal to me. That being said, I somehow am about halfway through this amazingly dreamy semester and have fallen head-over-heels with this magical city of London. Since I (unfortunately) couldn’t take you all with me on my trip, here are some of my favorite things about my experience:


1. The Markets    

    For anyone who has visited London before, you know that this is first on my list for obvious reasons. The city is huge and the variety of markets to choose from is delightfully overwhelming. These markets can be a great way of finding cheap or novel items that you may not find in your everyday stores. Camden Lock takes the cake as my favorite market I’ve been to so far. With stalls and stalls of vintage clothing, decorative wall hangings and of course, food from any country imaginable, it is impossible to get bored here.

2. The Diversity and Culture

 While this one may seem cliche and obvious, London has proved to be a true melting pot of a city. When stepping onto the tube, I often am surrounded by conversations in a dozen different languages and always exposed to new cultures. It is so refreshing to know you can travel to any neighborhood in London and experience something new. The influence of many different ethnicities, ages, faiths, has created such a mix that there is always something exciting and different to learn.

(Neal’s Yard)

(Neal’s Yard)

3. The Tea

          The stereotype of the English and their Tea is no joke. There is good tea and there is good tea everywhere. Living here I have learned there is nothing a good pot of tea can’t cure. The tradition of an exquisite little afternoon tea has been one of many traditions I have come to adore. Plus the fact that they refer to a single serving as a “cuppa” on most menus just makes it even more adorable.

(Tea cups for sale at the Portobello Road Market)  

(Tea cups for sale at the Portobello Road Market)


4. The Public Transportation

 It may sound bizarre but oh my, how I love the Tube. Going in and out of different parts of the city during my stay here has given me a new found love for the public transportation system in London. Might I even confess that I actually enjoy(?!) a long journey on the tube by myself once in a while. It is also so amazing to know that you can easily leave the hustle and bustle of the city at any time by train to escape to countryside places like Suffolk at anytime.

5. The Fashion

As a total style nerd, I couldn’t help but include this last one. I constantly find myself drooling over the everyday outfits of the people of London. I swear, these people know how to dress like no other. I find that my own style has become a little erratic as I am consistently falling in love with new garments of all styles everyday. The creativity of fashion in London is utterly inspiring, I could just people-watch all day.

Of course these are just the basics. I still get goosebumps whenever I hear any Brit say the word “Cheers” to me. I am still warmed by the inviting, traditional pub culture that this country is famous for. I am still baffled by the fact that I have the whole city at my fingertips, full of different experiences. I have truly fallen harder for this city that I ever thought possible. On a cheesey end note, I leave you all with a ridiculously accurate quote,

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”- Samuel Johnson

...because it is truly impossible to get bored in this heavenly city.

(London Wonderground Festival)

(London Wonderground Festival)


Victoria Tripsas

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