How Not to Get Sunburnt



If you’re like me, a person with skin so pale that you basically consider yourself a ghost, then you no doubt feel my pain whenever you head outside in the summer months for an extended period of time: must take all necessary precautions to not get burnt. And then some.

Over the years I have gathered a variety of sun-blocking tactics that I use at the beach in order to enjoy my time there as much as possible without causing lots of pain later. These methods don’t always work, because, well, I get lazy and don’t always adhere to them, but I always regret it later! If you do all these things, you’ll be sure to make it home resembling yourself and not a lobster. Win!

1. Umbrella: This is a must. If you don’t have an umbrella, where are you supposed to hide your vampirish skin for the majority of the day? It’s also useful if you’re like me and get sleepy whenever the sun is shining somewhat strongly so you pass out for an hour on a towel. But you’re under an umbrella so no worries! Make sure to keep your arms and legs (and all other body parts) in the shade of the umbrella at all times.


2. A Boatload of Sunscreen: This is pretty necessary as well. I tend to go for at least SPF 50 or else what’s the point? Put it errywhere, on all exposed areas of your body, but especially on your face, neck, shoulders, and back. You should be good to go frolic away from the comfort of an umbrella for, say, an hour or two, BUT DON’T FORGET TO PUT ON SOME MORE. Several times if need be. This stuff is not magical; it won’t continue to protect you forever just ‘cause you want it to. So yeah. Reapply.


3. Shorts, shirt (with sleeves), hat, & sunglasses: This is the ultimate in sun protection fashion. The shirt will keep your vulnerable shoulders and back safe, the shorts will make sure you don’t look like you’re wearing a shirt and underwear, and the hat and glasses will cover your face and give you a cool incognito look! You can be anyone you want with this disguise. Try scaring your friends. It’ll be fun.

4. Extra towels: If all else fails and I still feel like I’m getting burnt, I like to cover my entire body in towels. Then you can’t get me sun, take that! Caution: it can get quite hot under there depending on the weather, so, I don’t know, take a dip in that great big swaying pool of liquid over there. Yeah!

Hope this helps. Pale people unite!