10 Must-haves For A Cool Dorm

Believe it or not, there are some amazing products you can buy that will transform your dorm or apartment into a space that’s comfortable, cozy, and ridiculously rad.  Whether you’re searching for your bedroom, kitchen, or living room, you’ll be able to make it your own home away from home. Here’s a list of my favorite cool buys for this year!

1. Super cool and modern lamps available at Ikea for $15. In a bland dorm room, lighting can be everything!

2. Almost every college kid survives their 8 am by downing a whole pot of coffee, so add this mug to your kitchen collection! Available for $9 on Etsy.

3.These red solo cup string lights are SO college, and will definitely fit in at your parties. $9 at kirklands.com

4. Vamp up your boring walls with any kind of wall decor including this random but cool painting of a pineapple. $30 at lindaandharriett.com

5.These speakers actually light up in-sync with your music! A definite party must-have available at sears for $75.

6. Tapestries are becoming so popular for wall decor. Hang it up in your living room to cover some of the bare wall space. $20 on Etsy.

7. These fruity dinner plates look very cool to eat off of, and you can keep them displayed on your counter to add color to your kitchen. $4.99 each online at CWONDER.com

8. Any chair that isn’t a wooden, university supplied chair is a good one. These comfy fold up cushions are on sale for $25 at Walmart.

9.Cards against humanity is the next big thing.  With or without drinking, CAH is a hilarious way  to spend your nights in. $25 on Amazon.

10. Indoor terrariums are an awesome way to fill up your shelves or countertops. $20 at Target