What Will Happen Next: Season 4 of HBO Girls

*Beware spoilers*

It’s been a while since we’ve seen our favorite girls, Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna. In Season 3 of Lena Dunham’s HBO show, GIRLS, a lot of things went down! Jessa went to rehab, Hannah gets a real job at GQ (and then “quits”), Marnie takes a jab at becoming a performer, and Shosh realizes she isn’t going to graduate. So what is going to happen this season?

In the last episode of Season 3, Hannah received a letter to attend Iowa Writers Workshop, while Adam, her main squeeze, was acting in a new Broadway play. Judging by the Season 4 trailer, it’s safe to say Hannah accepted the offer and moved to Iowa. It’s always on the fence of whether or not Hannah will stay with Adam or not. Hopefully they do because they’re perfect for each other in my opinion!


Marnie was in a love triangle last season, and had romantic links with Ray and Desi. My prediction is that Marnie will have a fling with Desi this season, but I’m not sure if it will spring into a full-fledged relationship. After all, Desi is already in a steady relationship with Clementine. Will Marnie get back with Ray instead? Only time will tell.

Jessa was in a whirlwind of chaos last season between going to rehab, seeing her distant father, and helping her artist friend commit suicide. My prediction is that Jessa’s old ways will not die hard in this new season. In fact, she was seen getting arrested alongside Adam in the new trailer!

And finally there is Shosh. She was having trouble last season between not graduating and wanting to be back with Ray. However, in this new season, things seem to be kind of looking up for Shosh. In the trailer, she is seen trying out a bunch of new jobs, which means she probably graduated. I think she is going to end up getting back together with Ray again, which may cause a rift between Marnie and her.

I can’t wait for all the surprises and shocks this new season will have! Be sure to tune in on Wednesday, January 11 to see the first episode of Season 4.

Stay classy,

Nicole Klock