Trim's Guide to Snow Day Fun

Snow days in college are few and far between so to be sure you make the most of them I’ve made a list of things to do.

*Adding wine to any of these will up the enjoyment significantly

1.Sleep late

2. Make hot chocolate

3. Spike your hot chocolate

4. Bake cookies

5. Binge watch a series on Netflix

6. Watch movies all day

7. Play games with your roomies

8. Give yourself a mani/pedi

9. Give yourself a facial

10. Drink tea

11. Order food and veg out

12. Do a new craft via Pinterest

13. Read a book

14. Make a mug cake

15. Decorate wine bottles

16. Watch the movie ‘Snow Day’ (classic)

17. Update your itunes library

18. Throw a beached themed party

19. Go sledding

20. Build a snow man

21. Outdoor beer olympics

22. Make an igloo

23. Have a massive snowball fight

24. Have a bonfire/party

And if you’re really bored...

25. Do the dishes

26. Clean your room

27. Clean in general

28. Do homework

29. Do an indoor workout

30. Clean out your fridge

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it!