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Time. Let’s face it, who has it? As college students, the little time we do have is spent drowning in textbooks or breaking our wrists writing term papers. As much as we would like to say we care to keep up with current events and news as much as we should, the truth is, a majority of us just don’t have the energy to search and add more reading material than we have to. Enter theSkimm. Last month, Trim Blogger Kelsey, mentioned this brilliant newsletter in one of her posts and with good reason.



    theSkimm is an electronic newsletter that sends the news to you every morning so you don’t have to spend the time browsing through various websites and sources. What’s so special about theSkimm? Instead of spamming your inbox with pages and pages of information that will make you just click the delete button, they “Skimm” the news for you and pick out the most important bits and bobs that you should know. Each email is short and sweet giving you just the splash of news that you need for your daily commute. Think of it more as a conversation with your best friend than an informative newsletter. theSkimm is smart, relatable and is essentially your morning cup of coffee that you simply cannot live without.



    Even better: theSkimm was the brainchild of two incredible women who wanted to make reading the news a quick, painless and might I experience rather than a chore. Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin continue to kick ass everyday as all-star founders and role models to women across the nation as theSkimm continues to grow and impress.

Don’t miss out. theSkimm is an irreplaceable must for every woman out there.

You can sign up here and see for yourself.

Groove on,

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