How to Show Your Enthusiasm for Spring

Hey there, all you people of the Northern Hemisphere!

Believe it or not, temperatures outside are finally increasing, and we’re starting to thaw out of this deep freeze we’ve been subjected to for way too long. How can you show your excitement for the impending warmth, you ask? Look no further than these great suggestions I’ve pulled out of thin air for you:

1. Wear a bathing suit under your outfit every day.

2. Listen to “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles on repeat until you’re absolutely sick of it… then listen to it some more until you start liking it again!

3. Wear bright colors that burn other people’s retinas.

4. Go outside wearing minimal clothing (but, then realize that this was a bad idea because it’s still kind of cold out).

5. Take your dog outside to play frisbee. If you don’t have a dog, borrow one.

6. When you hear the birds singing, tweet back at them. Not with your phone-- in real life!

7. Demand that your local ice cream man start driving around your neighborhood this instant, or else the snow cone gets it! (Eaten by you, that is).

8. Walk around with the word “excited” somehow displayed on your back.



I hope this helped. Think warm thoughts!



Twitter & IG: @kaityrog