TEDx Conference at Rutgers

Most college students know what a TED talk is; however many people probably don’t know that a TEDxRutgersU conference took place on March 28th. So, what is TED? TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and their slogan is “ideas worth spreading”. TEDxRutgersU’s conference is an independent, localized TED-like event organized by Rutgers students. The students followed some basic principles given to them by TED and had twelve incredible speakers share their stories about how they put their ideas into action.

Here is an overview of some of my favorite talks:

The conference was split into three different sessions: Challenging the Norm, Leading the Creative Path and Expanding Horizons. During the first session, two student speakers and one professor shared their passions and stories. One of the student speakers, Taylor Miller, discussed the reality of sexual assault on college campuses. She shared her personal story of assault and encouraged women to seek help, describing to the audience, “the moment you reach out is the moment you start living again.”

In the second session, three professors, one alumni student and a professional magician shared their stories of leading others on a creative path. Michael Goldberg, a public speaking professor, shared his secrets of networking, which many students in attendance enjoyed. Mark Mitton, a professional magician, both displayed his own magic on stage and even taught the audience a magic trick, which everyone practiced. I can confidently say that magic isn’t my path in life, but I’ll always love watching it! He also shared how ambiguity and perception affects magic.

In the last session, two professors and one student spoke. Daniel Ogilvie, a former Rutgers professor, created the class “Soul Beliefs” and talked at the official TED conference a few years ago, as well.  He talked about why young children believe that they have souls and compared various religions to the topic. His speech was the most engaging for me because of the topic and his sense of humor! Parth Patel, a student, was the last speaker of the day. He spoke about how human dignity can change our lives and how similar human values are shared across the world.

The TEDxRutgersU Conference of 2015 was a day filled with thought-provoking speeches and life-changing tips. It was great to see the Rutgers and local communities come together to listen to these speakers. An idea put into action can change not only a college campus, but also the world. Be sure to like TEDxRutgers on Facebook for additional information about the conference and future information for the next one!

Stay Rad,