Treat Yo Self


3 words: Treat. Yo. Self.

By now, you’ve definitely heard this phrase or have seen it on Instagram. If you’re a Parks and Rec fan like me, you know it from the show.

Here’s a summary for those of you who haven’t seen the episode: Tom (Aziz Ansari) and Donna (Retta) create a  holiday for themselves—“Treat Yo Self” Day. This #blessed day is spent at the spa and mall, relaxing and buying designer wear. You do what you want, and if you see something you like, you buy it.

It’s hilarious. The episode’s my favorite Parks episode, and the concept of treating yourself is my favorite thing to come from the show.

Treat Yo Self is *Chris Traeger voice* literally both philosophy AND lifestyle.  Everyone should live a life in which they treat themselves.

Treat Yo Self because you are a queen. Every one of us is a queen. We are all awesome human beings who work hard and deserve to reward ourselves. Treat Yo Self does not have to only last a day—it can be a lifestyle. Material things make us happy. Buying things we like make us happy. Don’t tell me you don’t feel an immense surge of joy after you purchase something you really love or have wanted for a long time. Like a post-orgasm glow after sex, you get a post-purchase glow after shopping. Treat Yo Self on bad days and good days. On bad days to cheer yourself up, on good days to continue your pleasant mood. We all crave to live our best lives, but not always do we realize that we have the power to create our best lives ourselves. So, Treat Yo Self to your dream life, filled with your dream clothes, shoes, and makeup.



Tom and Donna go ham. They pile up bags of Gucci and Prada.  

Although we are queens, most of us are on a budget. After all, we are college students. Often, I hesitate to treat myself to big price items, but then I remember I should, not just because I deserve it, but because these big price items are investments, not splurges.

Clothes and beauty products are investments towards your look. And as a queen, your look is very important. It shows people who you are, who you want to be, your style, your very essence…

Treat Yo Self With Clothes

You can incorporate a jacket into your outfit in so many ways. You can style a blouse in so many ways. If the piece matches mostly every item in your closet, you should definitely buy it. Though it may seem expensive, it is worth it. A $50 blouse seems like a lot, but the number of times you will wear it outweigh the initial cost. Clothes are forever. Clothes will always be there to support you and complement your outfits. Treat Yo Self because purchases towards your wardrobe are not splurges, but investments, and having a variety of clothes makes you happy.

The same idea follows with skin care and makeup: they are investments towards your look.

Treat Yo Self With Beauty Products

I often treat myself to high-end skin care products—beautiful skin requires effort and care. I believe that healthy, balanced skin is the foundation of a look. Maybelline’s BB Cream is $8, but it gives me acne. Shiseido’s BB Cream is $36, but it makes my skin flawless. So, I treat myself to Shiseido. Treat Yo Self if the product works wonders for you. And not going to lie, it feels nice to say that you use makeup from fancy Sephora store brands. Treat Yo Self because you love makeup, you love yourself, and you want to make yourself happy.

But I also think that you can Treat Yo Self by doing small things: getting a second plate of food at dinner, taking a study break to watch tv, or going out for ice cream. The things you do to Treat Yo Self do not need a dollar amount, and they can be done on a daily basis—not just one day like in Parks. Treat Yo Self philosophy just centers on doing whatever makes you happy.

Treat Yo Self because you are awesome. You are a queen, and you can do the things you want and buy things you like. 

So, when you see those gorgeous Hourglass palettes, or when you’re craving some Ben & Jerry’s, take out your wallet and remember: