Music Spotlight: Interview with Jordan Jae

Here at Trim, we have always been fans of young adults pushing the boundaries on the art they create, showing the entertainment world that age is obsolete when we have determination.  New York City’s own Jordan Jae proves with ease that she’s a force to be reckoned with in the pop world - as a singer/songwriter of just 15, she’s been writing original songs since she was nine years old and released her upbeat, infectious single “Said No One Ever” earlier this year (produced by Grammy-nominated songwriters and producers One Love and Kinetics, who also produced artists such as Eminem and B.o.B.).  Though Jordan still spends her time creating a balance between her studies and her place in the music world, we have no doubts that we’ll be hearing much more from her in the upcoming months - check out what she had to say below.  

TRIM: So at only 15, it’s pretty awesome to see someone so young creating music that is completely original.  What inspires you when you write?  What other artists in the music industry do you look up to?    

JORDAN: What inspires me to write are the experiences I have and the people and things I see around me everyday. Not only do I write about my life but also the things I read in books or dream about. It’s cool to write about my own story but I also feel inspired to write about also write about someone else’s story too. For me, writing is about expressing myself and getting myself heard! I am inspired by the fact that I can write lyrics about meaningful things and people can listen through my music. I look up to Ed Sheeran and Avril Lavigne as artists because Ed Sheeran is a genius songwriter and Avril is so independent and strong!

TRIM: What motivated you to get so into music at such a young age and did living in New York City, with its incredible and diverse music culture, help you realize your love for what you’re doing now? 

JORDAN: What motivated me to start making music was my Dad. Since I was little I have listened to him play the guitar and have always wanted to be able to make music like he does. I was lucky to have been exposed to all different music at a vey young age. Living in New York has definitely helped me realize my love for music and songwriting! Seeing all the amazing performers on the New York city streets, parks, and even in the subway is so inspiring.

TRIM: Your new music video for “Makin’ Me Crazy” in Coney Island looked like SO much fun - what was the story behind that song?  Any plans to record a full length soon?  

JORDAN: Shooting “Makin’ Me Crazy” was incredibly fun! I shot it with two of my best friends and my twin brother. Writing Makin’ Me Crazy with Ari and Max was such a great experience.  The song is about how trying to conform to all the unrealistic standards we put on each other can really make you crazy!  Nobody’s perfect and we all have our insecurities, so we shouldn’t let people get us down with their judgmental and hurtful opinions.  We just need to remember that we are all worth the love and respect of others even though we’re not perfect. Hopefully my EP will be out by the end of this year!

Photographed by: Emily Tantuccio

Photographed by: Emily Tantuccio

TRIM:  I really love your sense of style after seeing your music videos and your Instagram posts - how would you describe your style, and where are your favorite places to shop?  

JORDAN: I would define my personal style as modern hipster with a little glam thrown in. My favorite stores are Top Shop in Soho and American Apparel. I always love fun chunky jewelry. High top sneakers and wedges are my favorites. In the summer I love crop tops with skirts or some fun high-waisted shorts. In the Winter I live in jeans and crop sweaters or oversized flannel shirts. Brooklyn has some of the coolest little stores with some unusual pieces that always help me complete the perfect outfit!

TRIM: What advice would you give to other teens that are pursuing dreams in music or the arts at a young age?

JORDAN: Follow your dreams! I find that the everyday things that happen at school and home always give me inspiration. Write songs, sing your heart out, and play your music as loud as you can. Do what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place. Try putting your music or artistic creations up online and see if you can create a following. If you believe in yourself someone else will too.