Spina Records Revives Vinyl

The founder of Spina Records chose his store’s name not because “Spina” resembles the word “spinner” (although, this is a welcomed coincidence). Instead, Spina is actually the last name of the store’s founder, Drew Spina. A Rutgers alumnus, Spina saw the need for a music store that would help bolster the thriving music scene in New Brunswick. Thus, Spina Records was born and can now be found in the heart of New Brunswick at 25 Easton Ave.

Before he opened his record store, Drew Spina worked at an antique shop, formerly on George Street. The owner of the antique shop gave Spina business tips during his time there that stuck with him and helped him start his company. He recalled the antique store selling more records than anything else and figured they were popular enough for him to base a store around. Spina didn’t study music, business, or anything that might be related to opening a record store; however, he wanted to be his own boss and set out to achieve his goal.

TRIM asked Spina a few questions about his store and about the music industry in general:

TRIM: What would you say is your favorite album ever?

Spina: It depends on my mood, really, The Phase of the Moon, maybe. I would say The Beatles’ Abbey Road or anything by Nirvana or Wu Tang Clan. It’s hard to choose.    

TRIM: Do you think people listen to vinyl less nowadays, or is it making a comeback?

Spina: It has been making a comeback. There are subtle things that are showing that it is becoming mainstream again. A good consistent record store in Central Jersey would be enough of a success.

TRIM: Are there any artists that you have been following recently?

Spina: Screaming Females. They are newer local band, and they deserve lots of attention.

TRIM: Who is your least favorite artist ever?

Spina: Taylor Swift. I just don’t get it.

TRIM: What do you want your customers to know?

Spina: We buy and sell vinyl that came out in the ‘60s, vinyl from last year. There’s a small selection of antiques, clothes-- something for everyone.

TRIM: It can be pretty hard to start up a business like this. What keeps you motivated? Any tips?

Spina: A lot of it depends on who you know and what relationships you can call on. Make connections! Trust your own instincts, trust your own gut. People told me I couldn’t do it, but I did.

Spina Records doesn’t just sell records; they buy records, too, and sell antiques and other vintage pieces! For more information about Spina Records, head to their website: www.SpinaRecords.com

Kaitlin & Victoria