Photo Feature: Sam Hong

mumbai's daily street life

On the series: I shot these photos during my trip to India in Summer 2016. I wanted to focus my photos on documenting daily life in the streets of Mumbai. There is no denying the wealth inequalities that exist as you will find parts of the cities with million dollar penthouse suites built right next to the slums where blue tarps provide shelter from the elements. Despite all this, the locals were some of the most humble and friendliest people I have had the pleasure of interacting with – whether it be the lady selling fruit on the streets or a shop owner that greeted everyone with the warmest of smiles.

Sam Hong is a photographer based in New Jersey. Business analyst on the weekdays and outdoors geek on the weekends – you might find him enjoying a New Orleans style coffee at his favorite local coffee shop. His passion for both photography and traveling is evident in a majority of his work where he documents his adventures.
Instagram: @sam.hong

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